Dec 23, 2021vor 2 Jahren

EPICS Award recognises Teamwork

Team Spirit, Sharing, Cooperation, Mutual Aid and Fellowship are the values associated with the EPICS Award, an initiative that FREZITE has promoted since 2014. The six winners in Group companies from different geographies were announced on 17 December. The highlight was the renewal of the award, for the second consecutive year, to the winning employees from Iberia and the United Kingdom, Brazil, Mexico and the Czech Republic.

 Dec 20, 2021vor 2 Jahren

FREZITE distinguishes employees and rewards ideas

Two employees in 2021 received the Career Award, given to those who complete two decades of service to the company. In parallel, FREZITE also rewarded the best ideas submitted by employees throughout the year. For the seventh time a monetary prize was awarded to the best idea received in 2021 for organisational improvement. In this edition the winner was a programmer from the Metal Division of FREZITE who proposed automating the feeding of a robot for continuous sharpening in 24-hour shifts.

 Dec 15, 2021vor 2 Jahren

Portuguese Minister visits FREZITE Group

On the 14th of December the Portuguese Minister of Science, Technology and University Education, Manuel Heitor, accompanied by the president of Agência Nacional de Inovação (the Portuguese Innovation Agency) and other representatives from ANI and from the cluster Portugal Space visited the FREZITE Group. The visit to FHP, in Oporto, and to the Trofa facilities allowed the committee to learn about the projects in which FREZITE is involved and the technology and innovation that it develops daily in the areas of space and cutting tools.

 Dec 13, 2021vor 2 Jahren

FEUP students visit FREZITE

On 9 December a group of mechanical engineering students from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP) visited the facilities of the FREZITE Group, in Trofa. An initiative carried out under the corporate social responsibility policy, by which FREZITE promotes cooperation actions with educational institutions, keeping the reception of trainees from different organizations, both in Portugal and in its branches.

 Sep 28, 2021vor 2 Jahren

FREZITE invests in indoor air quality

Thinking not only about the geometric tolerance requirements of its tools, but also about the comfort and health of its employees, FMT – Frezite Metal Tooling has invested in an industrial air conditioning system. In addition to maintaining adequate indoor air quality, the new system ensures greater thermal comfort for people and equipment (avoiding overheating), factors that have a very positive impact in terms of productivity.

 Aug 4, 2021vor 2 Jahren

FREZITE and the metrology

Measurement and metrological control has a critical role, both in the control of production processes and in the final quality of the product. That is why FREZITE has been investing in training its employees in new dimensional control tactics to update the geometric focus. The use of 3D referential adjusted to the system, ensures standards to reliably reproduce the best results, always aiming for continuous improvement of people and processes.

 Jun 4, 2021vor 2 Jahren

FREZITE in AICEP magazine

Published monthly by AICEP - Investments and Foreign Trade Agency of Portugal, Portugal Global magazine informs about markets, companies, internationalization, and investment. With specialized information on current economic and business issues, in this month of June it presents the FREZITE Group. See HERE.

 May 28, 2021vor 2 Jahren

FREZITE invests in a showroom

FREZITE has renewed its showroom, providing it with an area dedicated to technical training for customers - who can follow the entire testing process - as well as for its own employees. In this space the customer can also receive consultancy on engineering applications, perform tests and create simulation environments of its prototyping production.

 May 24, 2021vor 2 Jahren

Renewed sponsorship for Técnico Solar Boat

This partnership began last year with FREZITE providing tools to the university project consisting of engineering students from the Portuguese Instituto Superior Técnico working on the development of a boat powered exclusively by solar energy. Besides promoting renewable energy, sustainability and electric mobility, Técnico Solar Boat also participates in international competitions. With the sponsorship renewed in 2021, the team has already completed the new prototype, the SR03, and is ready for the summer's competitions, after having won, last year, the Innovation Award at the Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge. FREZITE continues promoting innovation and sustainability.

 May 20, 2021vor 2 Jahren

FREZITE and Sustainability

At the FREZITE Group, Sustainability and Innovation are integral parts of the same challenge. That is why the company has installed in the Trofa production units, In Portugal, more than 1500 photovoltaic panels in an area of over 2600 m2, which has already allowed it to produce more than 830 000 kWh. This energy saving would be enough to power about 170 houses/year. FREZITE making the difference.

 Mar 31, 2021vor 2 Jahren

FREZITE@Connect Platform

In an increasingly digital world, FREZITE invested in a platform to facilitate its interaction with the customer. Through FREZITE@connect the customer can access the history of products already purchased, drawings, quality reports; request for new quotations and access to previous ones, manage orders, the current payments account and eventual complaints. Information at the reach of a click and that can be search on a PC or a mobile phone.

 Mar 22, 2021vor 2 Jahren

FMT presents its services

FMT - Frezite Metal Tooling has a new presentation of services, to better inform the market about its growing valences. From resharpening to refurbishment, including tool management, here you will find information about the complete level of service that the company provides to its customers.

 Feb 3, 2021vor 3 Jahren

FREZITE and the Energy Sustainability

The PSEM - Mobile Energy Sustainability Project, formed by a group of Students from Instituto Superior Técnico (IST Lisbon - Portugal) develops highly efficient electric vehicles. This team participates and has been achieving recognition and awards in the Greenpower Challenge, an international competition created to challenge young students and some companies to invest in the development of sustainable vehicles for the future. The PSEM has the support of FREZITE in the execution of its prototypes.